Jim Ellis offers a comprehensive dental plan with an extensive network of dentists through Anthem.  We encourage you to use network dentists in order to help manage the long term costs of the dental plan and reduce your out-of-pocket costs. 

Important Documents

The Anthem dental plan provides coverage both in and out-of-network.  However, you will make the most of your dental plan benefits if you visit participating Anthem dentists.  We encourage you to use a participating dental provider to reduce your out-of-pocket costs and help manage the long term costs of the plan.  Participating dentist information can be found on the Resources page.


Below is a benefit summary of your annual deductible and co-insurance costs.

Calendar Year Deductible
$50 individual | $150 Family
Does not apply to preventive or orthodontic care
Calendar Year Maximum
Children to age 19 only
Plan pays 50%
$1,000 lifetime maximum
Preventive Care (Deductible Waived):
Plan pays 100%
Exams and cleanings: 2 per 12 months
Fluoride: 2 per 12 months (children under age 16)
Bitewing x-rays: Once per calendar year
Full mouth x-rays: Once per 5 years
Bitewing x-rays: Once per calendar year
Type B - Basic Services (After Deductible):
Plan pays 80%
Sealants: Once per 3 years (children under age 16)
Space maintainers: Once per 5 years (under age 16)
Amalgam and composite fillings: once per tooth per 2 years
Type C - Major Services (After Deductible):
Plan pays 50%
Oral surgery: Simple and surgical extractions
Root canal
Periodontal maintenance and surgery
Scaling and root planing
Crowns, dentures, and fixed bridges
Inlays / Onlays
Implant services
Please refer to the Certificate for a complete listing of covered services and frequency limitations.

Important Notes

  • No age limitations for coverage

  • $50 team member deductible / $150 family deductible (waived for preventive and orthodontic care)

  • 100% Preventive Coverage / 80% Basic Coverage / 50% Major Services

  • Members utilizing participating dentists will enjoy discounted dental fees in addition to protection from balance billing for charges above the dentist’s maximum allowable charges. Members utilizing non-participating dentists will have the same benefits but may be subject to balance billing.


Finding a Provider

Access and select "Find Care" and then either login or select "Guest."  Select “Dental” for type of care, and then select “Georgia” in the drop down.  Select “Dental” for the type of plan, and then “Dental Complete” for the plan / network.

Unique Plan Features

Your dental plan through Jim Ellis includes:

  • Accidental Injury Benefit - coverage at 100%, no deductible or coinsurance up to the dental plan annual maximum.
  • Online resources: “Ask a Dental Hygienist” and Cost Estimator tool
  • Benefits such as extra cleanings, gum maintenance, fluoride, sealants, and more for members with certain health conditions.
  • International Emergency Dental Program: 100% coverage for emergency dental services while traveling abroad.

Claims Process


  • Participating dentists file the claim and accept payment from Anthem
  • Team members should not need to pay at the time of service for participating providers



  • For out-of-network dentists, if the dentist does not agree to file the claim as out-of-network with Anthem, team member pays at the time of service and files a claim for reimbursement
  • Charges by out-of-network providers that exceed Usual & Customary charges are the member’s financial responsibility. (Member pays the difference between the actual charge and the plan’s U&C reimbursement level.)

Employment Termination of Coverage

Upon your employment termination, it's important to understand how your dental plan coverage will be affected.

Your dental plan coverage will end on the last day of the month in which your employment termination occurs.  

Your dental coverage is a COBRA eligible benefit. Under COBRA regulations, you have the option to extend your dental benefits for a maximum period of 18 months from the date of your coverage ending. This allows you to maintain access to the same dental benefits you had as an active employee.

Following your end of employment with Jim Ellis, you will receive a comprehensive COBRA continuation notice. This notice will provide you with additional details and instructions on how to proceed with continuing your dental coverage under COBRA.