Employee health and wellness is a priority for Jim Ellis.  The Jim Ellis Wellness Program is designed to help you improve your health with incentives when you complete simple tasks.  When you comply with the requirements by the due date, you avoid potential surcharges.


Important Documents

Surcharges are deducted post-tax on a quarterly basis.  Upon compliance, the surcharges are discontinued at the beginning of the following quarter of compliance. 

How to Complete Your Biometric Screening

Newly Eligible Employees


You will receive instructions via email for completing your biometric screening process after your benefits effective date.

Avoiding the Tobacco Surcharge

To avoid the separate $25 per month surcharge, you must complete the non-tobacco affidavit or be an active participant in tobacco cessation by the deadline.

  1. Obtain the non-tobacco affidavit from the Resources page or Human Resources.
  2. Complete and sign the affidavit within 60 days of your benefits effective date (or by the annual due date) to avoid the surcharge.
  3. Submit the affidavit to Yvonne Teague in Human Resources to ensure it is processed timely.

If you use tobacco products and participate in the smoking cessation program, the tobacco surcharge is waived.


Note: Tobacco products include all forms of tobacco, including but not limited to cigarettes, e-cigarettes containing nicotine, vapes containing nicotine, and chewing tobacco.

Wellness Program Notice

The Jim Ellis Automotive Group health plan wellness program consists of the following items:

1) Biometric Screening requirement for new employees

  • Failure to comply with the biometric screening requirement results in a monthly surcharge of $25 for employees enrolled in the medical plan.
  • This requirement applies to employees newly electing the Jim Ellis medical plan.
  • New employees enrolled in the Jim Ellis health plan must complete the screening within 60 days of their new employee benefits effective date.

2) Tobacco surcharge

  • $25 per month tobacco- surcharge applies to employees enrolled in the health plan who use tobacco products.
  • This requirement applies to all employees enrolled in the Jim Ellis health plan.
  • Tobacco users may avoid the surcharge by participating in the tobacco cessation program offered by SimplePay Health and Virgin Pulse. Complete 2 telephonic coaching sessions within 2 months to waive the tobacco surcharge.
  • How to learn more about the tobacco surcharge: