Virtual Primary Care

Eden Health is a private medical practice that provides one-stop care and guidance through their mobile app, available to speak with you 24/7. This unique benefit is automatically included for all medical plan members and your covered dependents, and is also available to all employees not enrolled in medical at a small monthly cost. 

Below is a list of services you can expect with Eden Health Virtual Primary Care.

  • Extended, unrushed doctor’s visits
  • No paperwork, no wait time
  • Expert team of providers
  • Prescriptions or medical refills any time
  • Nationwide medical assistance
  • Help with COVID-19 concerns
  • Lifestyle coaching
  • 24 / 7 virtual care

Employees Enrolled in Medical

This great service is included in the medical election for employees and dependents with $0 copay.

Available for Employees Not Enrolled in Medical

This same great service is available to all employees not enrolled in the medical plan through payroll deduction.  Deductions are available in the New Hire Guide or while completing your enrollment elections.

Scope of Care

Acute Care

  • Diagnose and treat illnesses, injuries, and infections including
  • Colds, flus, and other bacterial, fungal, & viral infections
  • Rashes, acne, and dermatological issues
  • Sprains, strains, aches, and pains
  • Fatigue, weakness, dizziness, & headaches

Preventive Care

  • Annual wellness exams
  • Travel medicine and prophylaxis coordination
  • Behavioral and sexual health screenings
  • Illness and injury prevention

Chronic Care

  • Management of ongoing issues
  • Allergies
  • Asthma
  • Diabetes
  • High and low blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Gastrointestinal disorders
  • Back and muscular pain

COVID 19 Care

  • Patient questions around COVID-19
  • Virtual symptom screening
  • Medical guidance, support, and testing coordination


Eden Healthcare will refer you to the SimplePay Health Pro when appropriate for Specialist care.



How to Register

Benefit Overview Video

Below is a benefit overview video for Eden Health.